Virtual Studio - Create, Share, Stream

Our platform is designed to help you create and share your content with the world.

Virtual Studio Service

We offer a range of streaming and delivery services to help you create and share your content with the world.

Shoutcast Streaming

Create your own shoutcast based internet radio service with our world class Auto DJ system.

Media Packs

Upload and manage your media files, create playlists and share them with the world.

Over A Decade of Experience

We have been providing streaming services since 2008.

First deployed in 2008 to serve a single shoutcast streaming customer, over the years we have refined and expanded our core offering to go beyond simple shoutcast based internet radio to a complete media delivery solution.

Platform Features

Loaded with great features to make your life easier.


See at a glance what is happening in your virtual studio.

Data Feeds

Integrate our platform with your site or app using our JSON data feeds

Auto DJ

Create your time-slots and configure the auto-dj to handle the rest.


Embed your studio content on any website with out needing any HTML knowledge.

Mobile Friendly

Our web players are fully optimised for mobile and desktop users alike.


See detailed information on the engagement your content has with your users.

Blending Technology with Creativity

It's in our DNA

We are always looking to improve the offerings we have for our customers at Studio 247, be they complete new services or just upgrades to existing services. Our team is constantly on the hunt for ways to improve our platform and expand its capabilities, make sure you keep an eye on the development page to see what we are cooking up in the lab.

Powered By The Cloud

It's all about speed and scalability!

Our platform is built on and integrated with Amazon Web Services. This means we can deliver your content at blisteringly fast speeds via their first rate global content delivery network. It also gives us the ability to scale with you, matching your needs as you grow.